Michigan Gardening To-Do List: July

Here’s a quick list of what needs to get done in your garden in July:

Herb/Vegetable Garden

  • Keep watering and weeding.
  • Harvest regularly to keep plants producing well.
  • Deadhead herbs such as basil regularly to keep them productive.
  • Check plants regularly for signs of pest or diseases.
  • At least once this month, feed your vegetable plants with a foliar feed of fish emulsion.
  • Start figuring out what you want to grow for your fall garden. Either start plants (such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale, etc.) from seed now, or track down a good source of transplants.


  • Keep deadheading to keep plants looking their best.
  • Water regularly.
  • Fertilize once a week with a diluted (1/4 strength) solution of fish emulsion.
  • You can still sow seeds for many annuals, such as zinnias and marigolds, all through July for fall color as well.


  • Regular maintenance, such as staking and deadheading, will keep your perennials looking their best.
  • If you haven’t mulched your perennial beds already, this is a good time to do so. It will keep weeds down and reduce how much watering you’ll need to do.


  • If you’re growing tall plants, such as dahlias, stake them as needed.
  • If you still have foliage from spring bulbs (tulips, daffodils, etc.) in your garden, you can remove it once it turns brown.

Trees and Shrubs

  • Prune any spring-flowering shrubs this month.
  • Feed your shrubs with a granulated organic fertilizer, or topdress with some good compost.
  • Trees and shrubs will need an inch of water per week to stay healthy, either from rain or from the hose.

Michigan Gardening To-Do List: March

If you are a Michigan gardener, March is the time to start seeds for prime gardening season. The vast majority of vegetable and herb seeds can be started indoors this month and the list of seeds that can be sown outside is growing. March is also the time to finalize those plans for a successful vegetable and flower gardening season.

It’s Time to Start Seeds!


    • Broccoli – March 17 – 31
    • Brussels Sprouts – March 17 – 31
    • Cabbage – March 3 – March 31
    • Cauliflower –  March 17 – 31
    • Celery – March 1 – March 10
    • Chard – March 1 – March 17
    • Eggplant – March 17 – 31
    • Kale – March 3 – 17
    • Leeks – March 1 – March 10
    • Lettuce – March 10 – 24
    • Peppers – March 31 – April 14
    • Scallion – March 1 – March 17
    • Tomato – March 10 – April 7

Outdoors – as soon as the soil is not too soggy

    Note: All (with the exception of potato) can be started indoors throughout March.

    • Arugala
    • Beet
    • Carrot
    • Mache
    • Parsnip
    • Peas
    • Potato
    • Radish
    • Turnip