Where to Buy a Locally-Grown Michigan Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree season is upon us, and we Michiganders are particularly lucky in this department. Did you know that Michigan is the third largest grower of Christmas trees in the U.S.? Or that we grow more varieties of Christmas trees than any other state?

So it makes sense that if we’re from the mitten, and we’re planning on a real tree, that we make sure we’re supporting our local tree farmers and buying a locally-grown tree. Fortunately, that’s pretty easy to do.

Finding a Christmas Tree Farm


Michigan has many Christmas tree farms, where you can either spend a day going out and chopping down your own tree, or selecting from one of their already-cut trees. Either way, it can be rewarding to go right to the place where your tree was grown, and meet the people who grew it.

If you’re looking for a tree farm, the Michigan Christmas Tree Association has a helpful map on their site, where you can put in your zip code and find the closest farm. If you live in the southern part of the state, there are tree farms all over the place; those of you who live farther north may have a harder time finding a tree farm, but there are a few up north.

Finding a Christmas Tree Lot


You can also buy Michigan Christmas trees at retail lots, which are spread throughout the state. There aren’t many of these, unfortunately. while we see tree lots all over the place, these aren’t necessarily selling Michigan Christmas trees. To ensure you’re getting a locally-grown tree, check out the Michigan Christmas Tree Association’s website, where, again, they have a map of all of the retail lot locations, which you can search by zip code.

Farmer’s Markets

If you have a farmer’s market nearby (I’m lucky in that Detroit’s Eastern Market is very close) you can shop there for your tree. I know that Eastern Market carries not only locally-grown trees, but also wreaths, swags, and garlands grown and made locally. To find a farmer’s market that sells local trees, LocalHarvest.org is a good place to check. Simply go to LocalHarvest, and in the search box on the right, click “All,” then put in your zip code and search for “christmas trees.” The site will provide you with a list of all the farmer’s markets in your area that sell trees. You can then check out each entry to see if they are selling locally-grown trees. At a farmer’s market, it’s very likely that they’re local, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

Independent Garden Centers and Nurseries

If you’re lucky enough to have a local independent nursery nearby, they are a great place to check for locally-grown Christmas trees as well. Here in the Detroit area, I know that Allemon’s Nursery in Grosse Pointe sells Michigan trees. I’m sure there are others as well.

So, support your Michigan tree farmers this year! It’s easy, and we’re lucky to have all of these tree farms right here in the mitten.

Tree farm photo by Lori Stalteri, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License.
Tree lot photo by carrier lost, Flickr Creative Commons Attribution License.